Can I drive someone else's car on my insurance?

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Chloe636 | 16:44 Thu 06th Aug 2009 | Motoring
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I have fully comp cover. My sister is buying a car but she can't actually drive yet! She doesn't have insurance. Am I able to drive the car home? Bear in mind home is 200 miles from the car!


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check your policy, if you can it will say on there.

Though depending on where you are buying it from they may not let you take the vehicle unless you can produce a insurance certificate that actually covers that car (this is normally the case if you are buying on finance)
So l;ong as the car is road legal tax, mot and there is an insurance policy running on it (could be the previous owner) you have FC insurance which I think will cover you at third party status. However, I would contact your insurers who will be able to verify it for you.

theyn usually make you get insured before driving it away. You can get insurance without having a driving license you know
if it is on your policy that you can drive other vehicles i believe it will only cover you if the car has current insurance...
If in doubt dont risk it , its your licence.. 6 points and a seized car if caught.
I don't know the true answer to this - just wanted to say that ever since I've seen the title of the thread, I've been singing the Beatles' Baby you can drive my car..... de de de de de...

I think, but not sure that the car must be taxed, mot, and insured. our policy may allow you to drive another vehicle and you be covered by your insurence as long as the other is legal. but not sure really
Having fully comp DOES NOT automatically mean you can drive other cars. If your insurance certificate says words like this then you can:

"Policy holder may drive other vehicles not owned by the policy holder and not for hire or reward, with the owners permission, third party only"

If you do not have that on your insurance certificate then you cannot drive it on your insurance.

If she does the deal including deliery then the dealer would deliver it on trade plates. Dealers are desperate to sell cars so may well deliver it posibly for cost depends on how much she's spending I gues, worth a try.

if it is a dealer they can often arrange short term insurance
yeah - at great cost though.
I wanted to insure my son for 2 separate days to drive me to the airport and pick me up from same airport a month later.
They quoted �156 !!!!
First of all they said it was because they only insured in blocks of 7 days - plus they said it was cos he was a single 26 year old male.

My entire annual policy is not so far off that quote.
main dealers can give 7-10 day free insurance, Peugeot are one, new or used vehicles
im aware that young/new drivers insurance is heavy, probably why Chloe636,s sister is trying to get the vehicle on her insurance.
What do you mean free insurance chas?

For instance - I want my daughter's boyfriend (24, ex-army - has a licence but no car or insurance of his own) to drive us down to Brighton for the weekend in my car. It's a peugeot - do you mean if I go to my local peugeot dealer they will insure him for free? Can't be that easy.... must be me being thick...
I think Chas means when you actually buy a car from them :)
Darn !!
If something sounds too good to be's cos it usually is !
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Thanks everyone. Have checked my policy and I'm pretty sure I can as it says third party for driving other cars. Thanks for all the advice. The car is from a private seller, only �700 worth as it's just a little runaround to get her started!
Thanks again.
keep in mind that even if your insurance does cover you to drive it (and I would call your insurance company and double check before risking it!) that car will not be on the motor insurance database that is used by the police. so if you pass an ANPR camera car on your way home you will get stopped and have some explaining to do!
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Oh... what does that mean?

I have just rang them and they said I am definately covered third party.
It means you are insured to drive the car, but the car isn't insured to be on the road, so as far as the police database is concerned there is an uninsured car on the road.
As long as you don't park it on the public highway and leave it, it will be fine.
Try this:-
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Can I drive someone else's car on my insurance?

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