Windscreen repair nightmare

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SpikieMikie | 00:29 Thu 04th Jun 2009 | Motoring
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Today I had Autowindscreens, owned by the RAC, come out to repair a chip in my windscreen.

I was told by the technician, who was about 17, that the repair would look like a small scar on the screen. In reality, its done nothing to improve it and it appears worse. Its the same as before but now it appears to be coated with superglue and looks like a botched job I've attempted myself at home with some Loctite.

The leaflet the technician gave me says 'When it's all done you may not even notice the repair, or it may look like a watermark' and at no time was I made aware that;

1). A repair would not neccesarily improve the appearance of the chip
2). That repairs are highly variable in the quality of the result they achieve, should that be the case.
3). That a repair is a 'one-shot' attempt to correct the chip and that a new windscreen would be required if unsuccessful.

Question is, legally, can I demand they replace the windscreen free of charge ?

I feel I was mislead into having the repair done because of misleading information about the appearance of the windscreen after repair and a lack of information forthcoming about the limitations and risks of having a repair done. If, as I suspect, the quality of repair can be deemed substandard, then I understand they have a legal obligation to rectify the problem and unfortunately, as a further repair is not possible, the only option is replacement?

What if they just want to refund the charge ?.. I can't just go somewhere else for another repair, I'd have to get the screen replaced.



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why should they replace it for free, i pressume you have comprehensive cover,
if your not happy break it with a stone then pay your excess.
the repair is only supposed to stop the crack growing larger, not invisible - put a small sticker over the offending mark if it annoys you
If he had comp cover, chances are the insurers paid anyway - most do. In whicj case, get the insurers involved.
Having worked for AW some years ago i know how hard it is to repair these chips
Some technicians are better than others and will get better results
If he personallyu did a poor job then i would say yes AW should replace the screen, this will be dificult to prove
Offer your car and tell AW to use this guy in their next tv ad.

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Windscreen repair nightmare

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