Siphoning petrol

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Bbbananas | 13:51 Tue 12th May 2009 | Motoring
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Being the tightwad skinflint that I am - I have a car on my driveway that is going for scrap. It has almost two-thirds of a tank of petrol in it. I would like to siphon this petrol off to put in my own car. Being a girl (!) - I don't really know how to do this properly apart from sucking through a tube and no doubt getting a moutful of petrol. Is there an easy way? Any tips?


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If its been there for 6 months or more the petrol wont be much use unless you mix it in with 'good' petrol.

And if its going for scrap its easier to punch a hole in the bottom of the petrol tank and drain into a bucket.

many cars have anti-syphoning systems in place so unless its an old car it'll be quite hard to do,

As Squitty says the petrol will be of poor quality if its been sitting for a while and also punching a hole in the bottom will mean you get all of the sediment which settles in the bottom of the tank and therefore will perhaps cost more fixing your car than it would of to buy the petrol
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Thanks guys.
It's a P registered renault megane - so fairly old.
The petrol has only been in it for about a month.
Should I still go ahead & try and siphon it out?
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Yep... tightwad skinflint lol...
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Thanks Zac.
I knew someone from CB would intervene and advise accordingly.
But - do I spit or swallow?
And if I do accidentally imbibe the petrol - how long must I wait before I have a fag?!!!
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thanks snags. No advice as to sucking technique then? Because that's what I really want....
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''thanks snags. No advice as to sucking technique then?''

Yes... where a bib... you don't want to end up with a fuel necklace do you...
zac....LOL LOL

I have some that has been there for years, try sucking that out..................................................oh! PETROL.
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Hi Salla. If you really do end up going for the 'sucking up a tube' option (oh dear!), then I'd be inclined to use a clear tube and when you can see the petrol is over halfway up the visible part (the bit that's not inside the tank), then aim the tube very quickly downwards into whatever receptacle you plan to collect the petrol in. The end of the tube will need to be lower than the petrol tank to maintain the flow. Hopefully, this should avoid a nasty gob-full of petrol. You'd still get a lung-full of the fumes mind you.

I have to say though, I wouldn't recommend it! I'd rather forego the petrol and not put myself at unnecessary risk.
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Thanks Aprilis - I think I will just leave it. I'm not that hard up!!!

Sqad - as a medic - what would happen to me if I swallowed the aforesaid petrol? Would I have internal combustion? Would anyone ever want to kiss me again (apart from you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)?

On the other hand you could try using a purpose made syphon. Seems you can pick them up on the cheap... 0QQ_nkwZpetrolQ20syphonQ20QQ_cqrZtrueQQ_nkwusc ZpetrrolQQ_nkwuscZsyphon?_rdc=1
You'd still need to take every precaution to minimise the risk of the petrol being ignited even if you did use a syphon.

Is it really worth it? Not in my opinion.

I speak as one who was a bit naughty when I was a young whipper-snapper and was not unknown to use either method back in the days before locking petrol caps. Pretty stupid and irresponsible huh? I'm a good girl now...honest guv'nor!
no no no no no, i'm walking away.........
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mcfluff - do you not trust me to not blow myself up?!!

I must admit, with my track record......... no!
salla would have a "burning " desire in the pit of your stomach to make passionate love and we would all be there at your "service" .....except kfj.
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ooohhh, might have a suck 'n see after all then....x
Go to Halfords and but a siphon. It'll cost you five or six quid and save the nasty taste. It'll also save you 30 quid's worth of fuel.

But you still can't have a fag until after you've finished.

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Siphoning petrol

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