do speed cameras flash?

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willchr2004 | 00:18 Sun 10th May 2009 | Motoring
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was speeding at around 38 in what i think is a 30 but not sure. It was dark and I slowed down very suddenly maybe just before (but not sure) the lines on the road came up as i realised it at the last second. There was no flash but im still worried. Any thoughts?



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Most do. Some don't:

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is there any way u can tell by lookin at the camera itself? I know exactly where it is, but im a new driver so i dont no the positions of most cameras yet so basically i got punked 3 points to go with 20 months left!!
Some cameras let you go a few mph over before they flash

You might have been lucky
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it was a gatso camera and apparently they flash? I read that they use 2 vivid and obvious flashed. But i saw nothing...hopefully that means im clear?
New driver today - banned driver tomorrow - stop speeding - then you won't have this worry. It'll be a good thing if you are banned you might then realise it's not a video game. Drive legally and then it won't matter where the cameras are placed.

Speeding in the dark and breaking suddenly - you shouldn't even have a licence.
I reckon you're in the clear but remember speed cameras are usually placed where there have been accidents.

Better to arrive late than never arrive at all
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i wouldnt disagree with u. And as a result, i have a problem and i was hoping people had some answers to some questions
If you know the area find out what the speed limit was - if it was 40 you'd be ok anyway and that would put your mind at rest.

If it was 30 and the camera didn't flash - fingers crossed you've got away with it.

Don't do it again - it's not worth the worry.

No. They just jump out & describe themselves!

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Hope you wern`t speeding to the bookies today carrot99 lol
'speed cameras are placed where there have been accidents'
That's a joke. Most people believe speed cameras are placed to maximise the revenue-raising opportunity. Having just spent time in and around Stoke-on-Trent, I am even more sure of this - multiple speed cameras placed along sections of road less than half-a-mile apart, in sections of road that vary from maximum permitted limit of 30 to 40 to 50 and back again.
Still, the Chief Constable of Staffordshire has to get his revenue from somewhere.
In my experience, I have had 2 Cameras flash when passing over the speed limit. The first occasion I received a letter through the post and a fine. The second time I did not receive anything, I am assuming the memory was full and was unable to record my vehicle, it still flashed. The speed cameras were large yellow cube like box units. I don't think the smaller CCTV shaped Cameras do flash and I have seen lots of cars pass such Cameras travelling over the stated speed limits. Fingers crossed.
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iv been thinking. A lot of cameras are duds, and the gatso camera (which it was are cameras that always flash hence the backward facing position) The cameras that dont flash face forward and are on the other side of the road usualy. Also, i stopped the car quite quickly (there was no one on the road, i still check my mirrors :P) and the stopping distance at 40 is about 13-14 metres, i was about 5 meters behind when i stopped (so reduce a third the speed gives around 26-8 mph) the spedo doesnt accurately drop with drastic speed changes so maybe it was lower than it looked...what u guys recon?

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do speed cameras flash?

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