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kopend | 12:27 Tue 21st Apr 2009 | Motoring
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what does it mean when

when it says check coolant


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I would take a wild guess that it means check your coolant!

if it's a new one it is a round plastic bottle drivers side under the bonnet just behind the windscreen washer filler (it's got a a blue cap)

Do not check it when engine is warm, make sure it's cold first! and it needs to be between the min/max marks on the bottle, do not fill it to the top!!
coolant is what used to be in the old days water/antifreeze only in modern cars it also keeps the enging running cooler.
Also bear in mind that IF the level of the coolant is low where has the water gone to ??(if sealed unit) needs to be investigated ias could bring bigger problems in the future, not to scare you just trying to help.IF you are not sure if sealed ask a friend or post further details of car here.
What does it mean when it says "Check Coolant"?!

You've got to be kidding me right? It means one of your tyres is slightly bald...
nah - it means turn on your air con
No, no - it means the car's odour detector reckons you are perspiring too much and need to refresh of deodorant.
your car talks?.............marvelous .

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