Caught speeding, by undercover police is this legal?

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chapperz18 | 05:20 Sat 07th Mar 2009 | Motoring
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i was in a 40zone turning into a 60 zone about 200yards away. i speed up and there was an undercover police car at the side of the road with a speed gun. Another police car caught up with me followed by the undercover car who told me i was going 59mph. There was no signs saying there were speed traps, is this legal?


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have a look at this video clip ture=related

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think that answers your question
Is it legal to break the speed limit?
The law requires only that the speed limit should be properly signed. There is no requirement in law to colour cameras yellow or to make them visible. If a camera is not visible, for whatever reason, or it is not correctly signed or coloured this will not invalidate any offence detected by the camera.

Cameras operated under the National Safety Camera Programme are subject to certain rules and guidance regarding visibility and signing (yellow camera housings, mobile units with clear livery, warning signs etc.). Adherence to the rules allows safety camera partnerships to use part of the fine revenue from cameras to meet their costs. Non-compliance with these rules and guidelines by a partnership does not provide any mitigation of, or defence for, an alleged speeding offence under current UK law.

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Caught speeding, by undercover police is this legal?

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