paper driving licence

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BrynBomber | 17:54 Wed 18th Feb 2009 | Motoring
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are old style " green driving licences still legal ! "


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Yes they are, provided they have not expired.
Yes - I still have one.
Yes until you as 70 then you buy
a plastic one every 2 years .
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thanks everone
You can't use an old driving licence as a proof of identity though. That would have to be a new one with photo id.
But - so I have been told - not if you want to drive abroad (or hire a car).

I do not know anything for certain, but it seems logical that you would now need a modern photocard licence.

As I said, this is just what I have been told - I got my greeny out in the pub once and these comments were made.
You must have a plastic photo licence at 70 years of age. If you are simply exchanging a paper licence for a photo licence, there is no fee charged. Also each new licence lasts for three years.
Exchange of paper licence to photocard costs �17.50

A photocard licence requires renewal every 10 years.
Kempie - yes you are correct 17.50 when exchanging.

My wording was incorrect. To renew/replace a paper licence with photo licence at 70 years of age there is no fee.
Free if you change address.
the photcard licence doesnt need renewing, the photo does the licence doesnt expire
my licence needs to have address changed, which is free. But its paper so it has to be changed to photocard, which is �17.50. Not fair :-( I want a paper one (no photos, purleease!)
if you send it in to get a new photo one . send it recorded delivery and keep your receipt safe

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phillipa i had the old greenie but i had moved to a new address. the dvla did not charge me a penny

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Phillipa didn't believe me.
DrF, but won't they charge me because it has to change to photocard type? They wont renew paper for paper...
that's right Dr - I moved and there was no fee
sorry, panic, must have missed your answer. I need to change paper licence to new, married surname, and address, and it will have to be a photcard one. I have had form in drawer for two years, just cant face having photos done :-%
gina32 - the photocard licence does expire after 10 years. It has an expiration date printed upon its front face.

After application for renewal, with an updated photo, a new photocard with a new issue number and new expiration date is returned to the driver.
i had the old geen paper one , had lived here a number of years but it still had my old address on it. i phoned the dvla and they said send it in and exchange it free of charge to a new photo id licence.
phone up and ask first, they have always been very helpful to me when i have asked questions.

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