2003 Ford Ka - Battery Warning Light

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JayneRich | 16:42 Sun 25th Jan 2009 | Motoring
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I have a 2003 Ka. The battery warning light keeps flicking on and off intermittently. I had a brand new alternator fitted 10 months ago but the problem still persisted. About a month later I had a new battery fitted - this seemed to correct the problem. Soon after the warning light started flicking on and off again (it's literately coming on and going off in a matter of seconds). I took it back to the garage that done the original repairs, they hooked it up to the diagnostic machine but the car came back with a clean bill of health. The problem has started up again, the car starts fine, ticks over on idle fine, I am however also having problems with the headlight bulbs blowing frequently - I've had about 7 new bulbs in the last 12 months, am wondering whether there is a problem with the electrics. I am on the verge of having to take car in again but would welcome any suggestions.


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Hi, for a start do not take it to the dealers ( Rip off prices) If you have a local Auto Electrician near where you live & if poss take the car to them and explain what you have stated on here, It does seem that the cars Electrics are at fault & every chance the car is overcharging. has the connections been checked to the alternator? check these first.
This is really spooky, but we have just solved my daughter's Ka problems. they are exactly the same as you describe. 03 Ka - three headlamp bulbs blown at �35 a go, flickering red battery lamp. TWR is right keep away from the main dealer but search out by recommendation a good and reliable small proper garage or a good auto electrician.
The problem was identified by a brilliant two man back street garage on the south coast who appreciate return business and therefore do a good job for sensible money.

The fault was a fuse blown and a broken wire in the loom along with a loose terminal at the alternator. Mainly laboutr because he had to take the front wing off for access, but problem found and sorted. No flickering light now and all electrics A1. Should deal with the bulbs blowing as well.

I don't know where you live, but downhere all done for ninety quid.

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2003 Ford Ka - Battery Warning Light

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