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EveCameron | 11:48 Sat 29th Nov 2008 | Motoring
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I have been issued an FPN for parking in front of a residential driveway. The driveway is no longer in use as the resident has enclosed the drive by erecting a fence and planted foilage. There are two lines in place one white and one yellow (both the width of the drive) suggesting that the drive is still being used - Is the FPN valid. Many thanks to whoever can answer my question or direct me to somewhere that can.


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What is the code on your FPN?

Or the offence wording
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Thank you Ethel
The wording is "parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours" - the code is 01
the drive way is not the home owners property unless its a private road . its the property of the council and is a of ramp to be used by pedestrians with ( wheel chairs or buggies etc)
ps have you spent the m&s voucher ethel :-)
You weren't 'done' for parking across a drive - you have been fined for parking for parking in a Controlled Parking Zone at a time when no parking is allowe.

The fact the yellow line is across an unused driveway is nothing at all to do with it.
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I live in this road but have a business parking permit which is valid.??!!
What is your business parking permit valid for? 24/7 parking in that road?

If so, was it properly displayed and why didn't you mention this before?
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I live and work in the borough. I actually work for the council that issued the FPN, I have been issued with a parking permit which allows me to park anywhere in the borough except of course "residential only", "pay and display" etc. I have never had a problem before, I am sure it has been issued because of the driveway scenario.
No, it is not the driveway - parking across a driveway is a completely different offence.

As you work for the council no doubt you will get it sorted out on Monday, unless they decide that you were abusing your permit by using it whilst not working.
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I am not restricted to where I can park except of course as I stated prevously. I have been parking on this road for 16 years and I would never abuse the permit. Thank you for your help and advice.

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