disabled person buying new car tax question

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gooner786 | 22:03 Sun 12th Oct 2008 | Motoring
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my mum is disabled, so she qualifies for blue badges, free tax etc. she has just purchased a new car. whats the rules on the tax disc as she hasnt paid for it. can she just swap the tax from the old car to the new car and call the dvla to inform them or does she have to go through the whole process of going to the post office and returning the old disc (which is in date for another few months) and applying for a new one?

if this is the case where does she stand with regards to driving to the dvla office (she has to go by car) - does she drive the new car which would be untaxed there but taxed on way back or old car which would be taxed there but untaxed on way back

thanks for the assistance


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contact the DVLA directly - they'll be the best people to talk to & make sure you know where you stand in regards to driving without any tax - still breaking the law I would've thought
if she is exempt from paying car tax she will need a new form from the DVLA for the new car. she may be able to re-new online, as you can for standard tax discs.

you certainly can not transfer the disc from one car to another, but can apply for a refund (if she paid, obviously!) on any full remaining months.
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appreciated, thats what i figured. going to call them tomorrow although she has no intention of driving it without tax, just use the old car in the meantime.

The tax disc only applies to the car it was bought for , and is not transferable. I would give them a call, you can renew a disc over the phone, don't know if you can tax a new one though. It would of course take a while to come through the post, but she would be covered. You could put the old disc just for appearances sake while you are waiting, but it would be an offence. Then again, who would look close enough to see the details?
oops, cross posted - took me too long to write!!
She can drive the new car that came with the tax disc, she can drive the car whilst she does the changeover at the DVLA Office to her name and at the same time get it registered as disabled and gets a free tax disc.

Then she can get a refund on the tax disc that came with the car.

No problem !
Might have got that slightly wrong.

The best thing to do is buy a 6 month tax disc for the new car so she can use it then do the swap at the DVLA and get a refund on the paid for tax disc.
She doesn't need to buy a tax disc.

She can get a tax disc over the counter at the nearest DLA office if she takes all the relevant paperwork
DVLA office
if she bought the new car from a garage, wouldnt they tax it for her ?
i hope the car dealer took the vat of the price of the car if it was a new car, as disable uses are supposed to fill out a document and give to the dealer and then you recieve a 17.5 per cent (the vat) deduction

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disabled person buying new car tax question

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