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foxydivano1 | 16:03 Sun 05th Oct 2008 | Motoring
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Following a car accident last week in which I suffered a whiplash, I have been contacted by two separate personal injury solicitors both wanting to deal with my case. The third party (who caused the accident) has admitted liability, however I am now confused as to why two different solicitors are wanting to pursue the claim (both saying they have been instructed by my insurance company). Is it for me to choose who I want or are they both just trying to win the 'business'???


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Sounds a bit untrustworthy of me but I would telephone the Insurance company and ask them if both of these are genuine recommendations of theirs or is sombody just passing on the info to get somebody else business, so many people out there in these cases to make a quick buck out of us you have to be careful, I seem to remember that when I had an accident the insurance company wrote to me informing the name of the solicitors who will contact me to take up my case. I would ask this from your insurance company in writing.
It's unlikely that the insurance company themselves would have instructed a solicitor to deal with your claim .

What is more likely to have happened is that if you have uninsured loss claims assistance cover under your policy then the insurers might have passed the detais to the company that provides that cover .
They then would have instructed solicitors on their panel to deal with any uninsured loss/claim
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Thanks very much for your help

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Car Accident

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