Penalty for driving in a bus lane

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Emu2005 | 18:52 Wed 24th Sep 2008 | Motoring
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OK, so I know I have no excuse for this and it makes me really angry when I see other people driving in bus lanes when I never do. Apart from once... when I turn left onto a road which has a bus lane, and then about 50 yards down I turn left again onto the road I live on. I nearly always go across the bus lane into the normal lane, then come back across the bus lane to turn left 5 seconds later. But this one time I just drove into the bus lane due to really heavy traffic - I wouldn't have done it if I was getting in anyone else's way, the bus lane was clear.

I'm just wondering if there is a rule about how long you have to be in a bus lane for in order to get penalised, it can't have been more than 30m or so? I will pay the fine, I just find it so unfuriating because I did it once when I was 100m away from home, and yet every day I drive next to a bus lane all the way home and see so many other people driving in bus lanes.

Is there any way out of this or do I just have to pay it and stop moaning?



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You should have been eating a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes ! You could have said you were making the tv ad lol !
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Driving in bus lanes is only prohibited during the times posted on the sign where the lane begins. A few are prohibited use ' at all times' but most for a few hours, mainly rush hours, say 7-10am and 4-6pm.

I sometimes travel for well over half a mile along bus lanes in London while everyone else is queueing, and no doubt cursing me and hoping I get a ticket. The thing is, I read the signs ! If anyone knows south London, the bus lane from Deptford to New Cross Gate is a classic example .

So, check the times on your particular bus lane - perhaps you've got nothing to worry about.
Nope sorry they are after screwing all the money they can get out of the motorist
derekpara I know what you mean and I do the same thing my best one is on lea bridge road (north london) one way before 7 am and the other way before 4 pm it is surprising the amount of people that do not check the actual times that they are enforced
Your only proper defence will be in to claim you were driving in avoidance of an accident. It is a decriminalised offence so will be dealt with at adjudication as opposed to the local Mags.

Emu- I am afraid there is not much excuse about this as they need money. Secondly all the people you see driving in bus lane during restricted hours must be getting tickets as well. But of course you would not know as those tickets are not posted to your address.

One bus lane cost me over �600 once. Because my wife avoided that during her driving test but examiner failed her for not driving in the bus lane when it was allowed during those hours. More lesson, more, tests and more money. It works other way too.

Otherwise hire this man. 3rL7X9pUCFQyR1QodAlJ-4A
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Thanks for all your answers - I've paid the fine and will stop going on about it now.

I take your point keyplus, but the bus lane I got caught in has cameras monitoring it, the others I drive next to every day don't have any cameras so people will only get caught if the police are around. Just seems unfair as what I did didn't seem to affect anyone else, and other people are deliberately driving for long distances illegally in bus lanes.

I have written to the council saying I have paid the fine but asked them what they do about people driving in the other bus lanes!
I drive in bus lanes all the time!

I am a bus driver, that's why! Become a bus driver, and then you can drive anywhere you want, except Pall Mall. It is a really good feeling I can tell you.
And do you drive a big red bus? Wow, that must be sooo exciting !
And do you wear a lovely uniform? Bet you look so cool !
Wish i could drive a bus and drive ''anywhere'' (oh..except Pall mall of course! ) ;-)

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Penalty for driving in a bus lane

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