people in rubbish cars exempt from seatbelt wearing

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helpmetoo | 12:20 Fri 19th Sep 2008 | Motoring
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the law states that you dont have to wear a seatbelt when performing a manoeuvre which includes reversing,

why this exemption?

rarely will you see a car that doesnt have mirrors these days,

or is this an exemption for rubbish drivers with hopeless spatial awareness who have to swivel in their seat or even worse get the co-driver to wave them back?

they should not be on the road in the first place.


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agree with u lofty she is good lol
helpmetoo - I called you arrogant because you accuse drivers that swivel in the seat of being "rubbish drivers with hopeless spatial awareness" and also describe their cars as "rubbish" yet you acknowledge this is a perfectly legitimate technique. Your response is to tell me that you managed to drive to work without using this technique. Big deal, it doesn't mean we should all follow your lead. Let's face it, you are angry because someone bumped your car. They made a mistake, their insurance will pay. One day you will make a mistake and your insurance will pay. Stuff happens, get over it.

Re the large space. I thought perhaps it was some sort of divine intervention as revenge by the person you managed to get the better off and who has often called himself the 'Messiah'. (i.e the person most guilty of leaving the large spaces) ;o)
I too have been driving for many years 40+ without having an accident or any points on my licence. I have good spacial awareness and can reverse perfectly without help and I use my mirrors as necessary. I still always turn round and check and shall continue to do so!! reverse_to_left.html reverse_to_Right.html

and taken from these links

"You need two reference points to complete this manoeuvre. You need one for the straight reverse and one to help you reverse around the corner accurately.

It has been pointed out by many pupils that by looking in the near side wing mirror they can see the kerb quite nicely and reverse accurately around the corner. While this is true enough it is not allowed in this manoeuvre. The wing mirror has a very limited zone of vision, so therefore continuous observation into it could not be seen as safe by the examiner. By using the reference points below you will be able to complete this manoeuvre by looking over your right shoulder alone"
The motoring section would be a sad place without Ethel, long may she stay !

Three cheers for Ethell,

HIP HIP ........
The motoring section would not be the same without Ethel.

Three cheers for Ethel.......

HIP HIP .......
The motoring section would not be he same without Ethel, long may she stay here.

Three cheers for Ethel

HIP HIP ......
Seem to recall that my driving instructor advised that I should take my belt of when reversing around a corner and to also make use of the mirrors.

How do you know that the person who pranged you car wasn't using mirrors only.

And just a point. Looking backwards whilst still knowing exactly what the front end of your car is doing is pretty good spatial awareness.

Ethel, you are a star, keep it up.
The law is right, you're not. You cannot use your mirrors solely for reversing. There are blind spots and as such you need to look out your back and side windows. In driving tests ( I'm assuming you didn't sit one during the war) the examiner will fail a pupil who does not look round. Looks like you're the "rubbish" driver.

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people in rubbish cars exempt from seatbelt wearing

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