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wardie100 | 10:56 Fri 29th Aug 2008 | Motoring
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I recently bought a Ka3 (2000 model) and it was advertised as having central locking. However after getting the car home i realised it wasnt working. i took it to my sisters bf whos a mechanic and when he looked at it he said the car does not have central locking. i just found this strange as it does have air con and electric windows.
plus you cannot lock the door by pushing the handle in (it doesnt have a little peg thing near the window) you have to use the key in each door to lock/unlock them and you turn the key the opposite way to what is normal e.g to the right to unlock it.

just wondered if this is menat to happen or if my sistrers bf was mistaken and there is some kind of fault?

any help much appreciated!!


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Take it back to where you have bought it & ask them to put the fault right.
how did he determine no central locking ?..did he take the inner trim off?..if he did its obvious wether it has or not and i would take his word for it.
As regards locking the door from the inside its done by pushing in the inner handle as opposed to pulling it to open.
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Pushing in the handle doesnt work to lock it the only way is to use the key.
It was a private sale so not sure about taking it back. i might ring the guy though and see what he says.

thanks for your help.
2000 Ka 3 did come with central locking as standard - If it has not got it - it could be a misbuild
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ok ill take it to someone else to have a look and see what they say cos its really annoying to have to go to each door to unlock/lock.

thank you for all your answers
Hi again, Look at the cars instruction book does it have a star next to the area of locking! eg/central locking been optinal, from what you have just said you have to unlock each door, I suspect this car does not have C.L. other than that check your fuse box, And at the door side near your right leg, when the door is opened is there a sleave of wires going into the door? if not and the car has not got Elec windows, you have not got C.L.

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Ka 3 central locking

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