Alloy Wheels

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:Ace: | 15:28 Thu 31st Jul 2008 | Motoring
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One of the lads at work has offered to sell me his alloys.

I know that I'll need some locking nuts for them but is there anything else I need to take into consideration before buying them?



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yes,make sure they will fit your car,you cant just put any set of wheels on
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Ah right, both our cars are corsas so they should be alright
Please consider how stupid a Corsa i.e. a girls car will look with you sitting in it with your fake burberry on and a bucket exhaust when it's only a 1.4
As a modification to the car � you should notify your insurance company (who for some reason will consider the risk insuring your car has increased � with a commensurate increase in premium).
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What if I didn't notify the insurance company?

Would it void my insurance?
Changing the wheels doesn't class it as a modification so the insurance doesn't need to be told....

And don't forget to get a bean can for the exhaust....

well- thats strange as i told my ins comp & they increased my premium slightly,
what's wrong with a girls car
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Hmm, I'm hoping I don't have to tell them...

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Alloy Wheels

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