Why is my indicator flashing so quick

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kelfoan | 19:56 Thu 05th Jun 2008 | Motoring
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Recently my left indicator has started to flash at about twice the speed of the right one. Any ideas why. I've got a 2005 focus


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have you checked all the bulbs are working
probably one of the bulbs has blown

my commisuration on having a ford focus ;-)
One of your bulbs has blown.
One of your three left-side bulbs has blown.
Anymore variarions of the same answer?
-- answer removed --
^^^ the yoda style

So kelfoan, where do you think you should be checking first to resolve this problem :)

Just for a little explanation, if one bulb blows on an indicator circuit it decreases the load on the flasher circuit and makes them flash quicker. it's a natural side effect of how they work but also is a handy warning that a bulb has blown.
A bulb that is not one of the right side has blown.
you have a bulb s h a g g e d out!!
I reckon that one of your lamps has blown, it can't be a bulb as you plant them in the ground....
Good response Disco, bulb is a popular misnomer for a lamp!

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Why is my indicator flashing so quick

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