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Jackson74 | 12:49 Thu 05th Jun 2008 | Motoring
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I have a suzuki l reg fatboy and when it comes to petrol consumption, it is one thirsty car! At the moment, �10 gets it 30 miles!!!???? When I did a motorway run, i got about 43 miles for a tenner. It is a 1.6, has fat 265width wheels which doesn't help but are fully inflated, new sparks, leads, distributer cap. I do get a strong smell of petrol often, especially when starting and in still traffic, and the car doesn't feel that is pulling to its full potential! Any ideas anyone what could be affecting my consumption as surely �10 for 30 miles is a joke, or is it?


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Thanks redhelen, I am clearly getting half the mileage then, �35 will get me �105 miles.....oh dear!!

I have just found a hole in my filler neck, would this contribute to loss of fuel via evaporation? I wouldn't think this would be totally responsible for my poor petrol consumption though!
Around 14 mpg, theres something seriously wrong unless you drive it like you stole it !
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not really relevant but i have a penta volvo 3L engine on my boat and the consumption of that is even more ridiculous, 3/4 reved, ie: about 15 knots( rpm 2500) , it gulps about 5 gallons in an hour (25 litres ) about �30 quid worth of fuel. an hour , stupid or what!!!!!
which works out about �30 quid of fuel for about 15 miles ish,

are you sure your car isnt propellor driven???
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have you a leak somewhere??

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Petrol Usage!

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