Car Tyres - Tracking and Balancing . Is there a difference?

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stormrogue | 18:59 Sat 31st May 2008 | Motoring
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As you may have guessed from the question I am a complete dunce when it comes to cars but I need two new tyres for the wifes Ford Ka and Kwik Fit said the tracking needs doing Cost �112 . I have looked on the net and can get them done for �76 but it only mentions balancing not tracking . Are they different things?


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Hi, On the side of your wheels there are weights to correct the wheel balance, the Tracking is done as a norm when you have clipped a kirb or the likes, You can do better than Quick Fit as regards the price, the tracking takes approx An hour to do, but that depends on a few things, Track rod ends, Shocks, You can get a small garage to do the tracking at a cost far less than you have stated, As regards Quick Buck, I would not take a pram to there place let alone a car. Look around for prices.
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thanks for that TWR the �76 was a mobile service that comes to your work or home but the price of tyres are similar.
all tyres need to be balanced,before going on the car,we charge 5 pounds to balance a wheel,as for tracking,if your tyres are wearing on one side or the wheels are pulling to one side then it needs doing,just because you are having new tyres fitted does not mean the tracking needs doing,kwik fit are con artists,we charge 55 pounds for tracking.
I recently purchased tyres online from Tyre Shopper who I found to be the most competitive. They use National Tyres to fit the tyres and you also get a further 10% off any additional work such as Tracking etc. National charged �30 for Tracking.
Just to give you an idea how much Kwik Fit are trying to rip you off, when I had my articulated truck I could get the tracking done for just over �110. Thats front and rear axles on the tractor unit and 3 axles on the trailer. Even my 8 wheel tipper (4 axles) only costs �80. Kwik Fit are rip off merchants who just want to make money out of drivers who are ignorant about how a vehicle works (no offence intended to anyone, but we don't all know the ins and outs of vehicles).
Hi Dave-Sandra,

I use the "Tyre Shopper site" They send the tyres to our nearest Nationwide depot, Nationwide balance and fit the tyres free.

My tyres ordered from "Tyre Shopper" were �63 each, if you bought them straight from nationwide they would have cost �90 each.

Tyre Shopper Link.........
Stormrogue. Does the �112 you mention include cost of tyres, fitting, balancing and tracking ? You don't make it clear.

I don't think even KwikFit would charge �112 just for tracking a car.
I was going to say - I never use those artists, but I hadn't checked my tyres for a while, and they were the nearest place to work (away on the weekend).

Can't remember what they quoted for tracking (not needed anyway), but it was nothing like that!
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Thanks for all your replies. The �112 was for two new (budget) tyres for the front and the tracking . The passenger side is wearing more on the outside edge of the tyre which is why he said the tracking should be done. So sorry if I wasnt clear but thanks again. But no offence taken on your answer as I am completely ignorant about cars I only know where to put oil and water because they have a yellow cap on them.
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Checked out the Tyre shopper site and with two budget tyres at �35 each Fitted. and tracking for �25 so �95 all in . thanks for the link.
My local tyre co. does the tracking for free when changing tyres - I'mshocked anyone has been charged!
taichiperson. Do you mean tracking or balancing ? Two different things. Most tyre fitters will balance the wheels with new tyres, but tracking is normally extra.
Definately tracking - we have a consistent problem with our Picasso, the tyres wear badly on the inside edge.
Perhaps the problem with the tyres wearing constantly on the inner edge could be solved if you paid for proper tracking, our local discount tyre outlet does free tracking with tyres, we see loads of premature tyre wear and when we track these vehicles the adjusters (track rods) are rusted solid, we never say anything to the customers though as life is too short

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Car Tyres - Tracking and Balancing . Is there a difference?

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