How do I trace a car owner

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factor-fiction | 23:17 Tue 15th Apr 2008 | Motoring
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Someone damaged my car. He offered to pay �50 then disappeared from the scene. I got the registration number. Is there a way of tracing the name of the car owner so I can seek payment for damage? I don't want to claim via insurance as the excess means it's not worth it.


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DVLA, but they do charge a few pounds.
Check their website or give them a call.
Hope this helps.
Check the dvla website but I've done a quick search and they are very picky about realeasing this info due to Data Protection law. Worth an ask perhaps. hicle/AdviceOnKeepingYourVehicle/DG_4022067

Can you not contact the police?
you can ring the police and ask questions. or you can trace the regetration on the internet..
in my view �50 isnt enough to pay for any damage in a car.. umm i would find the bloke and make him pay up becuase if you need paint welding and other equipment some garages rip you off.. i would go 4 the easy option of just announcing the problem to the police they could help you with tracing the problem starter..hope this could help.. xnicolax
If he failed to exchange details you can report it to the police. They may assist in giving vehicle details, but it will not be quick.
The DVLA will not hesitate to give you the information in return for �3.50 especially if you report the accident to the police and have the relevant reference number for them.

I have used their service 3 or 4 times.
yeah go to the bizzies the guy has fled the scene of an accident (albeit a small one!!) and not exchanged info on insurance (if he actaully has any)!!
What's the registration? I can run it and see if it's insured via us at least.

If you don't want to claim via your insurance, and it was his fault, contact his insurer directly - you won;t have to pay an excess then
I find people are quite helpful in giving their name at the scene of an accident. The funny thing is they all seem to be called "Mickey Mouse" though.
nothing that a swift kick to the balls wouldnt sort
for a start the vehicle driven by the other party, maybe regsitered in a "false name " .... the police unless TRAFFIC DIVISION get involved, will only use a minimal amount of "resources"/time,,,, to enquire about the ownership...... - maybe your insurance company could , see through the insurance database - whether the vehicle belonging to the other party , is ON the ini=surance DATABASE , if it is - then the driver of that vehile , maybe the policyholder and effectively insured , so his insurers , may or may not liase with your insurers...its a lot of "if , buts , or maybe " here , the DVLA are not obliged to tell you as a private enquirer , who the other vehicle is insured to , - did the UNKNOWN MOTORIST , drive into the back of you..... i mean is it "straight foward liability" .... the accident details , were not outlined , on this Q...... dont expect a great deal of assistance from thee POlice - in future accidents , asap report it it person to closest Police station, even if no one is injured as a citizen , the POLICE should not fob you of saying " report it only with the insurers "..... at time of accident "tell aany other party involved in accident" YOU INTEND TO REPORT IT TO THE POLICE ...and see what there reaction is ......... regards
Police will only be interested in it if you report the accident witin 24 hours of it happening. Outside of this timeframe you will get nowhere with the police esp. as nobody has been injured
Hi factor30,

You would need to contact someone with the authority to access that kind of information such as the police. Otherwise contact your insurers but they will probably say the same thing - report it to the police.
currob - that is quite incorrect.

The DVLA will give that information to anybody for �3.50 provided they can show good reason for needing to know.

As I said earlier, I have done it myself 3 or 4 times, all for vehicles parked either on my land or blocking me in.
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It happened in a car park. His son flung open the car door and it made a small but visible dint in my door and knocked off some paint. Probably cost me about �100 to make it look better, but I have an excess of �150 so may not be worth claiming unless I can trace his insurer and my excess can be recovered. And he'll probably deny it now. Didn't think the police would be interested in such damage- I'm sure they'll just tell me to go to my insurer.
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Forgot to add.... thanks for all your answers/advice
CAR PARK..... the damage was caused in a car park you now say..... even insurers can say they are not liable , because a "car park" , can be deemed as a place which isnt , a " PUBLIC HIGHWAY " its on private property ( grey area again )..... you insurer maybe able to trace whether the other car is on the insurance database " yawn yawn.....
ETHEL said that on occassions, where, she had been denied access to her land,... she got ownership of car details from DVLA �3-50 per enquiry...someone blocked the entance to my EMployers premises..... i didnt contact the DVLA.... I knew the phone number of the "offendin person " .... i merely left an "unpleasant message" , on the answerphone... of the "mysterious parker 2 ( or not so mysterious as i had his card marked many moons before this incident - !!
-- answer removed --
M11 - junction 8 ...close to stansted airport ,. on a road caled TREMALL / THREMHALL Avenue ,,,,, I was hit in the rear by a male wearing a " long white dress type cape " ...... he turned out to be uninsured ,,,,,, he offered me a cash payment .... I went in later that day and reported it to the LOCAL CONSTABULARY , eventually TRAFFIC DIVISION took the incident over ,,,,,, he was disq., for three months - no insurance , fined for DRV without DUE CARE etc..... this was in 2001 , af few months before the New York attrocity....... dont think this UNINSURED DRIVER wqas carrying any G A S C A N N i S T E R S though ... he never opened the boot of his vehicle, offered me twenty rupees for the damamge......
the accident detailed at Tremall / THremal Avenue - was 100 per cent true..... except , sterlin was offered instead of Rupees.....

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