driving without due care and attention

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safe_mom | 13:39 Sun 02nd Mar 2008 | Motoring
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i recently had an accident on a main road which has a speed limit of 50mph. the car in front of me braked sharply and so did i but skidded into the back of the car infront. we were driving within the limit but i later learned that the driver in front braked shaprly due to there being an animal in the road.

i had my daughter in the front passenger side with me in her booster seat with her seat belt on. we were both unharmed but the driver in front although had claimed to me moments before that they were ok went to the hospital for have their "injuries" seen to. the police told me that i was being charged for driving without undue care and attention. i wasn't told why but i got the impression it was because i had not kept a 13 car lengths (or 175 feet according to the highway code) gap between me and the car in front. how many drivers on the road actually keep that kind of gap including the police themselves? i've been driving for a number of years with a full uk licence. should i accept fault?


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From what you have said you were driving too close for the conditions and should take responsibility, admit that you were at fault and plead guilty as you were a "not so safe mum" on this occasion.
safeway is right, it is your responsibility to maintain the legal safe distance apart and if you plough into a vehicle in front, no matter how hard they brake or what they may be doing, legally, the collision is deemed your fault.
All of us drive too close, too fast and are therefore driving dangerously and yes, our roads would come to a standstill if everyone adhered to the rules but we are all taking risks by keeping up with the flow and 'protecting' our bit of road from someone jumping in front of us. Accept your fault and hopefully you will always be prepared for the unexpected in future. Main thing is that you and your child are ok
OOPS, sorry tubeway, I'm just off to Sainsbury's, must have shopping on the brain!
i had the same accident last year n the bad floods thankfully because of the rain i wasnt charged with anything but even though he braked for no reason because i went up his behind i still had to admit fault thats just how it is but insurance companies are starting to notice that some drivers out there do this on purpose to make injury claims hopefully in a few years there will be a change in the rules
As has been said, you are at fault.

If you are prosecuted, plead guilty (preferably in person, but if not by post). This will reduce your fine by a third. You will also be liable to have between three and nine penalty points imposed. From what you say the magistrates will probably award the minimum of three.
Ooh New Judge, you seem to know your legal stuff, some good advice for if I ever get in this situation. Thanks
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driving without due care and attention

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