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artoriusrex | 05:14 Sun 17th Feb 2008 | Motoring
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I worked for this company in the 60's. It was a private company with at one time 180 branches over the UK. I wasover from Australia in the early 90's and found the company defunct and all the shops closed. Can anyone let me know what happened to cause this. AR


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If in 2 years you haven't already found the answer to 'What happened to GA Dunn and Co ?' this is it.
As traditional gents outfitters they couldn't adjust to the move to more casual clothing. In 1991 they sold some shops to outfitter Cirio Citterio(since bust) and closed the rest. As they owned the freehold of most of their shops they still had valuable assets and became a property company. Very secretive-private company despite size.
My father worked for them from 1926 to 1962 reiring as manager at Sheffield
I have one of these suits next to me, and yes they quality of it is excellent (compared to the fake ones I have seen on ebay).
I never wore this suit as it was an old suit left by my great uncle but I was so intrigued by the quality of the suit and fine detail. Thanks for the answer though.
Hi, I also worked for Dunn & Co in the Ayr & Kilmarnock branches until the Co. folded. I have been trying without much success to trace the pension I had with them. Would any of you good people be able to tell me who administers the pension funds now? I am sure there is a pot of cash lying around somewhere that rightfully belongs to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated Lol. Thank you. David f.
My husband worked for Dunns in Portsmouth in the 60's. He new a Michael Fox there. Any chance this is you?
Call Mrs Hatton GA DUNN & CO PENSION SCHEME Pension Fund Manager 2084461646
hi david i looked on line for dunn & co penisons, as well but no joy, tony mac, paisley,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
A guy called Nigel Calladine became chairman/MD & spent MILLIONS which bankrupted the Co. inside 2 years. They were sued for using Co. pension funds illeagally to fund spending, ruined a wonderful British institution.
Tony mac....are you Tony McGlaughlin who worked in the Paisley branch (before going for your 6 pints of guiness Lol) ?
hi faither dave yes i am he 6pints from pai....................

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G A Dunn and Co Ltd

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