help needed Rover 25 mechanical problem

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TylerTots | 12:52 Tue 29th Jan 2008 | Motoring
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Hello. I have a slight problem with my rover 25. I have changed the spark plugs today as part of the yearly service. But when i removed plug number four (number four being the right hand side plug as you are looking at the engine), It was covered in oil, rather alot.
So i cleaned the area best i could and replaced it with the new plug. I then ran the car for a few mins and the removed the plug again. it had some oil on it but not as much as the old one, and a puff of smoke came out too when i removed the plug.
I then replaced the plug and then revved the engine quite hard and there was a large puff of smoke from the exhaust. which i havnt really noticed before. I have seen a bit of smoke but with the weather being soo cold i thought it was just steam.
Please help me, i only have limited mechanical knowlege. But im not daft.
If it helps the head gasket was done about 2000 miles ogo and there is no sign of oile emulfication around the filler cap or dip stick, and there is no sign of oil in the header tank.Although the wather is a dirty brown colour, it does not smell of oil, just the distinctive smell of radiator water.
Thanks in advance.


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sometimes when the oil is replaced or topped up a little spillage can end up in the recess where the spark plug/ht lead is located and results in the spark plug being covered in oil. if you think it is more serious than that i would recommend you take it back to the garage which carried out the head gasket repir.
Is the oil appearing on the electrodes or externally i.e. rocker cover leak. FT
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thanks so far. the oil is on the internal part. the spark end. no leaks on the rocker and there was none spilt when changed, im thinking piston rings are worn? does this sound right?
Problem could be rings as you said or valve guides worn or head cracked or gasket (common fault ) again if not fitted correct, check head bolts, needs a compression test.
Good Luck

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help needed Rover 25 mechanical problem

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