my escort mk6 zetec

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anthony25 | 21:25 Wed 09th Jan 2008 | Motoring
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right folks i have a 1998 ford escort zetec and ive been having problems with it now for a while starting with the lights and indicators and reverse lights flashing all over the place so got a second hand fusebox and its been great untill yesterday i was driving and the car was sort of misfiring and trying to cut out so stopped outside my house and popped the bonnet and could here a wirring sort of noise at the top just under the windscreen the noise was there even when the ignition was off so disconnected the battery removed the fusebox to see if it had got wet as it had been raining heavily all the time i was driving that day then i put the hairdryer on it for 10 mins put it back on now i have nothing when i turn the key just loads of dash lights thats it but the small red light under my clock on the dash is flashing in different sequences sometimes fast then slow and i can still hear that strange noise under the bonnet as if somethings still running what ever it was has now drained the battery completely also help plzzzzz


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Put an Ad in the local paper reading:-

Ford Escort for spares or repair.

Seriously though there is obviously something wrong with the cars electrics somewhere and an auto electrician may be able to diagnose it .

If it was my caer I would be glad to see the back of it and be considering looking for a suitable a replacement.

Good luck !
It's possible it could be an earth fault....
wow youve had some problems!!!! the noise is prob the heater motor its located about where the noise is come from . The flashing light is indicating a fault with either the "PATS" module or sensor and thats why its cutting out .
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hey essex bloke why is the heater motor running like that anyways and pats is the immobiliser yes what do i do???
Although you have a second hand fuse box is it the right one for your car i.e do the numbers on both match ? i reckon the fuse box isnt right still hence the motor still running . The flashing light i reckon is caused by a short in the circuit trapped wire or blown fuse or dodgy module .
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the fusebox was taken from an exact same car ,same year,same engine etc,and has been running grfeat for two weeks this problem started when i was driving it in the pouring rain for like an hour something has got wet somewhere i think
FORD I.E. Fix Or Repair Daily
but in the meantime .asp

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my escort mk6 zetec

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