corsa clutch judder

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coyaba | 21:34 Tue 18th Dec 2007 | Motoring
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Hi. I have a new shape Corsa on a 56 plate with 8500 miles on the clock. I have noticed a hard juddering when i pull onto my drive sometimes which is on a slight incline. I have taken the car to the Vauxhall dealer today and they have said I may neen a totally new clutch and that if it's worn it will be up to me to pay, which they estimate to be �1000!!!

Has anyone else had this problem especially with the new corsa, and if so did Vauxhall repair it ok?


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I cant believe what the Vauxhall dealer is saying to you.
if you ring around some clutch repair specialists (from the yellow pages) you can get the clutch overhauled for far less than �1000 - you will be suprised.

Also before that ring vauxhall customer service and tell them the story of the �1000 quote and ask if they can help.

In 1998 I appealed directly to Vauxhall customer service when the cam belt broke on my vauxhall just outside the warranty period. I threatened I would not buy another vauxhall if they did not give some sort of financial assistance towards the �850 engine repair bill. they agreed they would pay the parts cost if I paid the labour costs the vauxhall shop did the job and it cost only half the �850.

Best of luck

The clutch wont be worn at 8.5k unbless you ride the clutch pedal all the time -the fault lies does lie with the clutch which will need replaced.
why do you have to pay �1000?? is it not on the warranty? i have the same car, its up to 10,000 miles and not really had a problem so far with it.
Hi i've just seen your message on the clutch judder with your new corsa the same problem is happening to my antie's car, it's not 8month old yet. Vauxhall say she must sign a consent form to allow them to investigate the problem because she as done more than 3500miles and the clutch is no longer covered. They told her that the work will cost over �400.00. I have looked on the internet and it appears that vauxhall are having major problems with juddering on the astra range and even when they change the clutch the fault re occurs after a short while. These problems seem to be major maufacturing defects. I have told her to write a letter to Vauxhall stating the fault and that she demands the fault be recified at no cost to her.
She should also contact Trading Standards for advice.

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corsa clutch judder

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