Truck Rental - 7.5 or 18 tonne

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JNMann | 11:07 Fri 14th Dec 2007 | Motoring
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I am looking to rent a varge (megacube etc.) 7.5tonne truck or 18t rigid box for approx. 1 week 27th Dec. This is for house move so needs to be private rental.
Can anyone point me towards a rental company that carries such vehicles? Ideally around Aberdeen or Nottingham.
Many thanks in advance :-)


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Hi JNMann

A company called United will hire out 7.5 tonne lorries. They have companies in Aberdeen and Nottingham.

Here is their website:

Daffi x
I've worked in the truck rental industry for the last 15 years. Your problem is going to be insurance (known in the industry as CDW). I know of no company that will hire a 17 tonne truck on their CDW these days. There may be the odd small outfit, but I'd be surprised.
A 7.5 tonne truck would be a possibility, and there shouldn't be a problem getting one of those after Christmas. I'd look at paying around �80 - �100 per day, with around �25 pd for CDW on top.
One other point, make sure you return the thing with the same amount of fuel as it came to you with. Most rental companies these days are charging around �1.50 per litre these days, and then putting VAT on top!!!
Also, if its over 7.5 t you will need a C or C+E licence to drive it and an Operators licence to legally use it.
For once, sddsddean has given a slightly wrong steer. This is something he/she doesn't normally do. He's spot on on the licence thing - basically, if you passed your test before February 1998 you will have the right group by right to drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle.
The other matter, the Operator's Licence thing, doesn't apply. You only need one of those if you're using the vehicle "in connection with a trade, business or profession". You won't be, so you don't have to bother. Quite bizarrely, you don't have to worry about tachographs or drivers' hours regulations either.
I'd forgotten about that SJP. Quite right; if its not for hire and reward you don't need an operators licence.

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Truck Rental - 7.5 or 18 tonne

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