Ford Puma Help - squeaky / racking noise from rear.

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matt_london | 13:45 Thu 13th Dec 2007 | Motoring
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I have just bought a Ford Puma yesterday and as soon as I was pulling out of the previous owners drive there was an odd noise coming from the back. I would describe it as a squeaky / squelchy / cracking noise ,similar to ice cracking!
The noise wasn't there on my test drive of the car in warmer conditions than yesterday, and it only lasted about five minutes then stopped completely. Two hours later I went for another drive and it happened again and also again this morning.
The noise is related to movement of the car body rather than the engine turning over as it stops when idling and isn't in time with revs. It also made the noise when I shut the car door after climbing in.
Any ideas?


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How does the car handle going round corners?
Is it the same on left or right turns?
I would certainly check out the rear suspension - the struts for leaks the strut mounting bushes for wear even the tightness of the rear wheel nuts.
Best of luck

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Ford Puma Help - squeaky / racking noise from rear.

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