Diesel Consumption

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Reverandfunk | 14:55 Mon 19th Nov 2007 | Motoring
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I have an LDV Pilot 1.9 van and just recently my diesel consumption is rubbish.

The oil level is okay so any other ideas would be good


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Hi Rev,
Best I can suggest is to check your tank and pipe work up to the pump for leaks. If all is ok I would recommend changing your air and fuel filter and check your m.p.g. for a week or two after that. If it still no better and your engine is a high miler your next step is to have your injectors serviced ( I assume although your m.p.g. is poor you still have normal performance ? ) FT
whack some redex in it. that should clean the system out.
Question Author
Thanks both.

Whats redex lol
Fuel system cleaner but I am not a fan!!!
full tilt is spot on im a diesel fitter and i couldnt have told you any better!!!
Cheers Mick,
I think we have cracked it between us what do you think Rev, keep us posted.

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Diesel Consumption

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