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dan no1 | 21:12 Sun 21st Oct 2007 | Motoring
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what does SXi stand for?


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Whatever you want it to. Advertising blurb !

The i usually means fuel injection, which again doesn't mean anything because all cars have that anyway.
It means whatever Vauxhall want it to mean - they made it up!

MOST modern new cars may have fuel injection nowadays but not all cars do and certainly not many older ones. Carbeurettors were the norm until quite recently in car terms!
Sport Xtra Injection

or Super Luxury Injection

or whatever you want it to be - most model names do not actually mean anything.

When I worked at ford dealerships - anyone who asked was told

L - Luxury
LX - Luxury Xtra
GLX - Grand Luxury Xtra
Si - Sports Injection
Ghia - It has all the ghia on it
Ghia X - Xtra Ghia

but none of them mean anything

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