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Suetheramble | 13:26 Tue 16th Oct 2007 | Motoring
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What exactly is a car that is referred to as a crossover?
I have just seen a question - What's the Ford Kuga? and they answered - a new ford crossover.


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its a ford cougar.
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Thank you. I am bit girlie on these things and I dont think that answers my question.
There is a new Ford coming out in 2008 called a Kuga. Described as the new for crossover. What is a crossover?
Sure they don't mean a Chrysler Crossfire?
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So whats a crossover?!!!
It is esentially a five-door hatchback (i.e. family car) that has crossed over and become popular as a sports car. Whether or not used before for cars, I should think Ford borrowed this from the dictionary definition of `crossover` - a recording, book or other product that becomes popular in a genre other than its own.
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Thank you Slack Alice
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Oops and you Kempie - just read your link
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A crossover is a cross between a family hatchback and an 'off roader' or SUV (sports utility vehicle)
HI Panic button yeah what are those Crossfire cars all about? I think they look wierd!! Not in a bad way!! I hate PT cruisers!!
Clarkson said he thought the back end of a Crossfire looked like the way a dog stands when it is getting ready for a dump.

Once you can see that in your mind you can never like the rear view again.

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