Vauxhall Vectra remove the instrument panel ?

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sarah_louise | 12:51 Tue 02nd Oct 2007 | Motoring
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1997 Vauxhall Vectra. The Odometer /Trip Meter back lighting effect has gone out.
It is still working as I can shine a torch and read the digits which are still changing OK.
I dont suppose the MOT will think that is OK so thought I would change the bulb. If the MOT will accept this I will leave it .
I can see no way at getting to the back of the instrument panel to do this.
Any ideas please. ?


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the background lighting for the speedo rev counter and mileage does not have to work for an mot as they will just put down in the mileage box "not displayed" if they cant see it. all the warning lghts will need to work though ie abs,handbrake,brakes, oil etc. but a car is not legally obliged to display any mileage to pass an mot.
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Thanks for that. Yes everything else is working OK. I will live with it.
It won't display the speed at night surely that is illegal.

The whole panel needs to be removed to find the fault, you need a manual to find the hidden screws/clips etc.
dont know if its illegal but its not an mot failure
oil light needs to work for a MOT? thats a new one.
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Toureman......The Speedometer and Rev Counter is working and illuminated.
The faulty bit is the Odometer (mileage counter) and Trip Meter. A sort of Digital display normally red light. As I said this also is working but you can only see the numbers if you shine a torch at an angle on it.
Hi sarah,

You should not have any problem with the MOT, sorry I misread your question slightly.

If one of your warning lights was not working correctly it would fail but thay are OK so happy motoring.
you know what i mean lee

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Vauxhall Vectra remove the instrument panel ?

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