will this breakdown?

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Qmark78 | 13:41 Thu 12th Jul 2007 | Motoring
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ALFA ROMEO 156 2.0 TS 16V S1 4dr Saloon

im after one of them maybe but they have that terrible rep??


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Yes, Alfa Romeos are the architypal "Character" car! However all true petrol heads must own an Alfa once in their life, mine was a an Alfa Sud back in the eighties, it was fast but not very reliable and it was a right rust bucket!
As Loosehead says - although I think they are getting a lot better and possibly suffer a bit from their past reputation (like Lancia, the Beta pretty much killed Lancia in this country, which was a shame because I had a Delta Integrale in the mid -90s and it was fantastic).

Prior to my child being born I had a GTV, the 3200cc one, for four years and did not have one spot of bother with it - other than for the fact that it drank petrol.

I'd say go for it - personally speaking I think Alfa's are without a doubt by far the best looking 'mainstream' cars available - they are quirky in a good way and are just so much better looking than your average German boring box on wheels.
They are known to have big problems with the electrics I work for a bodyshop and theirs alway issues with this make of car but they are nice and the newer ones are a lot better like flip-flop said.
i have a 200 on a "w" runs a dream bodywork great electrics good, i do worry that IF anything goes wrong its costly but thats like worrrying your roofs gonna blow off

GET ONE or buy my 1.6 t spark

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will this breakdown?

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