obstructive parking on private road

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mlz1974 | 19:02 Thu 21st Jun 2007 | Motoring
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i live in a private road as it is an estate where the roads have yet to be adopted however i am constantly plauged with inconsiderate idiots parking opposite my drive thus rendering me unable to get out - where do i stand legally as i assume traffic violations do not apply on private roads?


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Exactly the same as if they had parked in your garage. You are in a no win situation - any action you take is likely to cost you money.

Are these idiots residents on the estate?
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Presumably if the road is unadopted then it is privately owned, by you and the other householders. I think, although not certain, that you would be entitled to put up a sign to indicate that anyone parking there is parked illegally and can be clamped or towed away at their expense. You may need to appoint an authorised company to do this, but I am sure it would be effective even if you didn't. It is your land, you can put up a sign if you want, even if it is "exaggerated". If the offenders are your neighbours, then obviously a different solution would be required.
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my driveway is the standard 8/9ft wide however due to living in a conservation area we have a tree either side at the top thus making it only accessible if you enter 'square on' as it were and obviously the same applies in getting out, the vehicle has to come out square and then turn or risk the scraping of the sides on the trees and so consequentially any vehicle parked in the road immediately opposite or marginally to either side poses the problem of not getting in/out and sadly it is residents and their associates, tragic really to think that these people actually have licences to do this, mind you in my opinion they most likely got them from the cereal packet they opened that morning for all the knowledge and consideration they clearly lack - and the road is still technically owned by the developer not the residents and being in a conservation area signs are not allowed, ludicrous i know but sadly fact, so the general conclusion is that there is nothing i can do, oh good, something to look forward to next time it happens, but thanks for your input

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obstructive parking on private road

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