LDV Tyre Pressure

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Reverandfunk | 10:41 Fri 11th May 2007 | Motoring
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What should the tyre pressure be for a 1.9 LDV Pilot van thanks!


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2175 Kg 185-14R 2.6bar(38lbf/in2) 2.8bar (41lbf/in2)

2350 kg 185-14R 2.8bar(40lbf/in2) 3.1bar(45lbf/in2)

2550Kg 185-14C6PR 2.9bar(42lbf/in2) 3.7bar(54lbf/in2)

2580Kg 185-14C6PR 3.1bar(45lbf/in2) 3.7bar(54lbf/in2)

2800kg 185-14C8PR 3.3bar(48lbf/in2) 4.5bar(64lbf/in2)

2850Kg (sing/ wheel)205-14 C6PR 2.8bar(40lbf/lb2) 3.6bar(53lbf/in2)

3100Kg (sing/wheel)205-14 8CPR 2.8bar(40lbf/in2) 4.4bar(63lbf/in2)

3100Kg (2 wheel)185-14 8CPR 3.0bar(44lbf/in2) 3.2bar(46lbf/in2)

3500Kg (2 wheel) with

1375Kg F axle 185-14C6PR 3.2bar(46lbf/in2) 3.5bar(50lbf/in2)

1500Kg F axle 185-14C6PR 3.6bar(53lbf/in2) 3.5bar(50lbf/in2)

1600Kg F axle 185-14R 8PR 4.1bar(60lbf/in2) 3.7bar(55lbf/in2)

3500Kg(Sch Bus) 185-14C6PR 3.6bar(53lbf/in2) 3.7bar(55lbf/in2)

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LDV Tyre Pressure

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