mondeo greedy

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realgonkid | 13:17 Mon 16th Apr 2007 | Motoring
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my w reg mondeo 2lt is using a lot of fuel
i have changed the air filter.but it is still very greedy
anybody any suggestions


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try getting a proper service done on it,plugs,oil,filters, etc,check timing,give it a real good one.
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i will try that

You don't say what mpg you're getting. I have the same model (auto) and get about 26-28 around town and 33-35 on a good motorway run not exceeding speed limits.
hi, check tyre pressures,inflate to highest advisable pressure. I have the 03 model 130hp diesel and,I don't like to brag, but I am getting 67mpg, driven sensibly, the tyre pressure affects it very much, as does the speed. it is most efficient at 50mph in fifth gear(it has six). I know this has it has a computer which calculates mpg as you drive.if you throttle it up all the time the fuel consuption dives drastically, down to about 50mpg. as does the tyre pressue if it is reduced to the level of driver only rather than full load pressures. I also had a seat alhambra and with the tyres pumped fully it mad a difference of ten miles to the gallon, which was an amazing thing. don't inflate to a dangerous level, as the higher inflation the less the road grip. so correct tyre pressure and keep off the throttle. as an after thought, if I leave my car ticking over it reduces the mpg by 1, every six minutes, so leaving your petrol mondeo, which is better to drive than my diesel, ticking over in traffic etc probably reduces your consumption by one mpg every few minutes.
all the best, alf.
hi again, forgot to mention, the biggest change to my fuel consumption was REDEX. bought it in asda.s for about �3 and it made the car run smoother, faster and the computer showed an increase of 7 mpg. it says to use quarter of a bottle with a tank of fuel, but I put in half for the first fill up and the difference is amazing. an absolute must before you spend money on servicing etc.
good luck,

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mondeo greedy

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