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LostSheep | 17:29 Mon 09th Apr 2007 | Motoring
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I have my Corsa insured with CIS with my Dad as the main driver and myself as a named driver on the policy. My Dad has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the brain and the doctors have advised him, on medical grounds, not to drive but he hasn't had his licence actually taken off him. Can anyone confirm if I will still be insured to drive under these circumstances? I will ring CIS as soon as possible to confirm officially but I'm just looking for some views before I do. Thanks in advance!


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Sorry to hear your sad news. If your dad is the registered owner and is still insured,I don't see a problem. Slightly different circumstances but when I had a cast on my leg for 6 months and couldn't drive,my brother (named driver) still used the car. The main thing is the car is still insured,whether or not your dad drives it.
Whoops. Looks like you are the registered owner! Still think the same would apply.
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Thanks for that, ITVYORKS. Just to confirm, the car is registered with the DVLA in my Dad's name.
as an insurance underwriter i can confirm that you are covered to drive the car still.
If LostSheeps father has been medically adivsed not to drive, does that not invalidate the insurance policy, and thereby invalidate LostSheeps's named driver insurance?

In answer to Johnnys

It just means he can't drive the car.
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Thanks sifellis, much appreciated!
Sorry to be a pain (and I'm no expert!) but aren't you obliged to tell the insurers about any medical condition which may affect the policy even if you don't intend to drive? I suspect the policy might be suspended. He is also obliged to inform DVLA who will suspend his licence which will invalidate the policy. If he does not inform them I believe his doctor is legally obliged to. One of the questions on the policy is 'have DVLA been informed of any condition which may effect the ability to drive of anyone on this policy.. I have some experience of this as I am diabetic.
On reflection, my wife was a named driver on my policy and she continued to drive. Sorry, it was a long time ago ! !
I still think you will have problems when you come to renew.
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Thanks for your input johnny37, again much appreciated. The policy is up for renewal in October and I was going to insure the car in my name only from then on (also change the registered keeper from my Dad to myself at the same time). I know it's going to be a bit expensive for a while but it has to be done! Thanks again!!!

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