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splurge | 00:03 Wed 07th Mar 2007 | Motoring
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I'm 27 (girl) and have a driving licence but as i live so close to everywhere i need to get to, i was thinking about leaving the car at home and getting a scooter? Having never riden one i don't know the first thing about them. Would i need lessons of any kind to ride one? Can someone tell me what i should be looking for? Ideally i would prefer a motorbike but i know you need lessons for that and i haven't a clue how to go about doing that... am i too old anyway to be doing all this and should i just stick to a car? Please help me out!


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All you need to do is hold the handlebars, put one foot on the platform and push yourself along with the other foot.

If you intend to ride a motorised scooter all is explained here.............. rs.htm
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Thanks Tourman, yes it was more motorised that i was thinking off!
after having a little read of things, it doesn't seem that expensive to go for a full motorcycle licence. Would i still need to sit theory test etc as i passed my driving test in 2000?
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stick to a car, more likely not to die in a horrific accident
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Oh Danny
you will upset people saying that,
i'm still here!
you just ain't lived if you ain't tried it.
Dig out your yellow pages and look for a local CBT training centre and they will start you off on private land learning the basic skills and then take you out on the road with an instructor in small groups.
Pass your test, buy a motorbike and come and join the rest of us out there. Great fun!!!!!
less bikers die than car drivers because there are fewer bikers then car drivers!!!!

please dont try and preach to me that bikes are safe on todays roads
has danny got a volvo and library ticket ????
others wish to live with a bit of excitement, don't try to stop them. at 27 i think the young lady is old enough to decide for herself !!!
if you insist on telling bods to be safe why not go for those mad fools that hurl themselves out of 'perfickly' good aeroplanes and call it parachuting? they're mad they are!!
rant over, leave motor bikes alone.
splurge, biking is so much fun, untill you have tried it you will never know. if you have a mate with a bike & full licence that you trust, ask if they'll take you out for a gentle spin.
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forget it, im not interested
todays roads are unsuitable for bikes, its just too dangerous, i see the end result in casualty and if you saw what a biker looks like after a crash you would never ride a bike again.
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Thanks, i've called the local place in the yellow pages and booked in for my motor bike lessons to start! So excited now!
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its ok people like me will still be here to remove you from under a bus, we usually have to remove an arm or leg first then stick you back together again
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No offence Danny, but if we all thought like you we would all be at home watching Richard and Judy. I know a bike can be dangerous, but isn't everything? Car accidents kill, plane crashes kill, train crashes kill even crossing the road can lead to death. Sometimes life is just too short to be 'extra' safe. I could get killed in a bike accident but if i dont ride a bike, i could get knocked over by a bus. At least the first option meant i had achieved something and had a bit of fun with my life!
Danny, stop being a pessimist and cheer up. We are not all mad nutters wanting to do 150 miles an hour.
I know it's been a while but still, just in case someone thinking about the same thing as @splurge did. For those who are unsure about scooter but feels too old for a motorcycle or moped, think about an electric bike. I was thinking about it as well and this post helped me out to decide.

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