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StevePil | 22:30 Sun 18th Feb 2007 | Motoring
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Hi all
does anyone know what is more efficient on fuel

Leaving climate control on all the time or switching it on and off when needed? I was told today that you should just leave it on all time as otherwise the motor has to keep kicking in which uses fuel, but I did think if you left it on all the time it would drink the fuel really quick?

any advice?


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Just using it when needed is more economical by a long way.

The aircon should be used even if not needed for a few minutes each week so the seals do not get brittle and cause leaks though.
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thanks, i dont have air con, only have climate control and i was told leave it on all time as it saves engine kicking in all time??
Whoever is telling you this does not know much about car A/C.

If the A/C is left on all the time that is when it will be "kicking" in and out all the time! When it is switched off it cannot do that.
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COOL thanks, was a little worried about it, its cos the wife always turns it on and then off and think it was this part he was saying it kept kicking in the engine? will only have it on when ness, cant wait for the summer :)

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Climate Control

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