The great car insurance con?

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vicious_sid | 21:09 Sun 18th Feb 2007 | Motoring
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Is it me? At the age of 35 I decided to join the majority and learn to drive - now at the ripe old age of 37 and having two years of searching for the best deal on car insurance something continually happens to me and surely I'm not the only person to notice. Buying car insurance by phone cheaper than buying online. I went through the big yellow book and got the usual ludicrous range of quotes from various companies but when I went online using the same details I had given over the phone the quotes, despite getting 5/10% + discount for booking online were, without exception higher. Is this legal?


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Of course it is legal.

Ive always found that the tinternet is always cheaper for me. But if your haggeling skills are up to scratch, im sure u could get some really good deals.
a good company for cheap insurance is Virgin -

for my first year on the car i had 18 months ago, my insurance was 1500 (with a different company), when i renewed it with Virgin, (with 3 points on my licence) it went down to 900.
the car i have now, i have 1 yr free insurance, but i'll definitely go with them when i renew it.

also u dont have to pay any extra for paying monthly, as with some companies, end up paying 200-300 more than ur original quoted premium.

in my opinion, is not very good, because when i think i've got a really good quote, i rang up with the reference number and it always ends up more because on the internet, they just assume things (this is what the person on the phone actually said to me).

hope this helps. lemme know how u get one with Virgin!

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Get your lowest quote then ring the next company and see if they can do better. Always always ring and play them off against each other. Don't be afraid to name the previous company either. Tesco's love it when they take custom off Sainsbury's ,AA off of Direct Line etc. Its a buyers market as they say. Don't give up too quickly - 10 to 15 phone calls if you have to. I do this every year and normaly knock off a fair bit each time. Good Luck
in over 15 years ive tried to "play off quotes from other insurance companies" and in 100% of cases its a stock reply " no we wont be able to match that price - goodbye" :(

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The great car insurance con?

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