How does a speed camera distinguish........................

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SurreyGuy | 08:30 Fri 26th Jan 2007 | Motoring
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If I'm within the speed limit on a dual carriageway and, as I pass a speed camera I get overtaken by a car exceeding the speed limit (and so triggering the camera), how do the Police know which vehicle triggered the camera?



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I have no idea! :o)
yes they take 2 pics
It's a simple doppler shift that sets off the camera and it takes 2 pictures half a second apart. The road markings are then used to determine which vehicles are speeding.
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Thanks folks
Is is possible at that stage for human error to come into play. Remember the bus driver in Ipswich who was accused of driving at over 80 m.p.h.? If you are sure you were not speeding, ask for it to be re-checked.

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How does a speed camera distinguish........................

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