Emergency Stop In Driving Test

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scoobysoo | 15:39 Wed 10th Jan 2007 | Motoring
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What's the emergency stop procedure for an automatic car? I know in a manual you have to put it into neutral and put the handbrake on, but what about in an auto?


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i dont know for an automatic. In a manual if you were to put it into neutral and put the handbrake on you would fail! You have to pur firm/hard pressure on the brakes to slow down quickely but avoid skidding. Put the clutch in just after the break uses the engine to aid in slowing you down as well.
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Sorry, I should make myself clearer. I meant AFTER you have stopped. When I had lessons in a manual I was told you do the emergency stop, handbrake, neytral, cockpit checks, and set off again.
I specifically need to know the auto rules as that's what I'm taking my test in
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I don't see why it should be any different.

They can hardly fail you for putting an auto into neutral can they?
Why not ask your driving instructor?
You have a lot to learn, you have already forgotten the procedure for after you have stopped in a manual car.

In a manual after you have stopped, apply the handbrake, put the gear lever in neutral.

In an automatic you stop, put the handbrake on then move the gear lever to park unless you are going to move off again.

good luck with your test.

As long as the car remains under control i.e is does not roll there is no requirement to apply the handbrake and select neutral although I would advise you do. As long as the car remains in control then simply make all round 360 degree observations before moving off and you'll be fine

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Emergency Stop In Driving Test

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