how much antifreeze for a ford ka?

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beccac2901 | 16:40 Fri 05th Jan 2007 | Motoring
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Hi everyone, have bought antifreeze/summer coolant for my 1996 ford ka. It tells me to look in manual for instructions on how much to put in but i must be going mad because i cant find anything! If anyone has a ka and knows how much to put in please please please let me know! x


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The coolant expansion bottle is by the battery on the right. It has MIN and MAX levels on it with a yellow cap. The cooling system is sealed so it shouldn't need topping up unless there is a leak. It should be replaced every 5 years or so but this should be done by a mechanic as you have to ensure there are no air locks. That is unless you're talking about anti/freeze/summer screen wash !
From the Ka Owner's guide:

The cooling system capacity incl. heating system is 5.25 litres. The mixture should be 50% water and 50% coolant.
try phoning your local car spares shop, say you bought a gallon of a/freeze from them but u need to know how much to put in the car. they will tell you, they have books on all that stuff.

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how much antifreeze for a ford ka?

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