Are Mobile Speed Cameras allowed to be used in the dark?

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answerbank64 | 08:31 Wed 29th Nov 2006 | Motoring
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I recently (yesterday) passed a mobile speed camera at approximately 4.40pm, sunset was around 3.50pm so it was fairly dark and I had trouble seeing the camera. To be honest I was too busy trying to make out what the funny looking box next to the pavement was to concentrate on my speed. Is the fact it was dark (I have never known speed cameras be used in the dark before) a reasonable defence to a speeding fine?


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Is this a joke?
I hope it is. Otherwise we can all feel free to speed up as darkness falls. Or, perhaps answerbank64 considers that speeding is only an offence if committed in the vicinity of detection devices.
If you were too busy looking at something at the side of the road to be in control of your speed then you are at risk of being done for dangerous driving at some point
I wish they were used far more commonly in the dark - the way people drive as I'm on my way to work at 6.30am is appaling. People seem to think the speed limits laws and showing courtesy to other drivers simply stops exisiting when its dark..

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Are Mobile Speed Cameras allowed to be used in the dark?

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