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snapdarlich | 19:03 Sun 26th Nov 2006 | Motoring
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What is your car history and feel free to comment why you went the way you did...? Me Mark 3 1.4 Golf Golf - It was my brother's hand me down Vectra 1.8-I had to fit in a Double Bass! Alfa Romeo 156 1.6 - Great to look was crap! Skoda Fabia VRS. Cheap, cheerful. Very Fast. Great little car! Mark V Golf GTI..Not looking back! Quality Brill and top notch drive!

Care to list yours?


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Austin Metro 1.0 (cheap and cheerful), Peugeot 205 Cabriolet, then Peugeot 306 GTI (damn fast car with good handling) to now a Peugeot 206 CC.
mk 2 astra dash. great car
peugot 1.9 205..turbo technics... faster than a porsche, superb handling..tons of torque, crap customer support and spares from peugot, also a pain to drive slowly
1969 vw 1200 beetle, best car ever, never let me down, cheap parts great fun.......still have it 10 years later
1969 vw camper..bay.. great fun, cool though rusted in from of me eyes
vw polo... cheap and cheerful
mazda xedos9... better than mercedes or bmw, though depriciate like made, but had it years, auto, climate control, leather, goes like stink, handles like its on rails, could can drive it faster on bendy roads than me 205(which had 3/4 slicks, and never goes wrong, everything still works, and most of all i still enjoy driving it
OK, here goes. mini, several mk1/2 escorts, viva,wolsley 1550,morris minors, hillman hunter, porsche 944,series2 landrover 109, daihatsu fourtrak, rover 820, mondeo estate, peugeot 306 sedan, 728 bmw,ford granada,vw polo,volvo 340,escort mk4,peugeot 205.At the moent we have another peugeot 306, mondeo estate, caterham and my favourite,a 1955 type R Bentley. oops missed one. Mk1 fiesta as well. must get a cheaper hobby. I am looking for an amphicar though, if anyone can help. Just dont tell the mrs.
try a vw schwimmer wagon, quite rare but there are some about
I started off my car-owning history in 1998 with a Vauxhall Cavlier 1.8 SRi - a friend of my mum's was selling it cheap (�300). It was a lovely car to drive, and taught me a lot, but the damn thing cost me more in new bits (new alternator, clutch, tyres, welding etc etc) than it cost me to buy, so I traded it in for a newer Cavalier. I kept that for about 3 and a half years before I got my current car - a 1999 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 16v. I love my Vectra - I travel about 20000 miles a year, and it never misses a beat. It's as happy scrabbling across stubble fields when I go to help my friend with his horses at ploughing matches as it is on the motorway, and I'd definitely get another, if I didn't want my next vehicle to be a 4 x 4 - for horse-related reasons.
Vauxhall Victor 1800 FE estate - built like a tank, so no one would pull out in front of it! Loads of room to work in the engine bay luckily!
Hillman Imp - fitted with twin carbs and racing exhaust. Speedo only went to 90. Had to repair that several times when it went over 90! Great in summer with the rear windscreen open
Company cars - 3 Escorts and an Astra - nuff said
Granada 2.8i
Rover 800 series
Daf 2800 ATi Space cab
Daf 95 Ati Space cab
Escort van
Daf 85 8x4
Another Mondeo
Transit Conect van (current)
Daf CF85 FAD 8x4 (current)
Volvo C70 Coupe/Convertible (current)
You asked for it - sorry if it puts you to sleep.

M reg Austin 1300 (just married)
P reg Escort 1.3 Mk II (new)
S reg Escort 1.3 Mk II (new)
R reg Hillman Hunter (kids had arrived)
T reg Austin Allegro
W reg Datsun Cherry
E reg Escort 1.4 (new)
? reg Lada ( a tank1)
H reg Proton
K reg Rover 414
S reg Megane
S reg Rover 420D

Some of these were second cars. The best was the Escort 1.4 (1988). German built it lasted until 2001 and did 187,000 miles with no major repairs.

Now you've got me thinking about some of the others.
1.3 Escort Popular Plus - everyone laughed at the colour because it was a metallic bronze - years later it appears to have caught on!
1.6 Astra - nothing exciting to say really!
Astra GTE - loads of exciting things to say but cost me a fortune to run
Astra SRi - see above
VW Scirocco GTX - awesome - still is, still wish I had stayed single and not had children!
Rover 400 - enuff said - hey we had kids!
Rover 45TD - actually I did love this car - never missed a beat and it had lots of extras on it.
Mazda 6 Sport - Very nice, very new, very much my husbands - I went back to my youth and got another Astra - SXi!
K then:
C reg nissan micra (diahorrea coloured interior!)
L reg peugeot 106 1.0
H reg citroen AX 1.0 (and that was only five years ago! crackin motor, never once let me down!)
S reg astra 1.6 16v sport (lovely car actually)
R reg Mk3 golf gti (chipped,k&n etc.....nicely fast, bit tubby tho)
N reg honda accord coupe 2.2i es (full leather, air con, cruise control.......absolutely marvellous car! pretty damn quick, loads of torque, goes like hell when its in the mood!)
Want a really great golf?
Ditch the MK V and go for an oak green, MK2 gti 16v. Pure class.
Fiat Uno (just passed test)
Ford Focus (the day they came out... was a piece of doggy doo doo)
Mitsubishi FTO
Range Rover 4.2 supercharged (still have it and no, it's not a sport)
peugeot 205 gr for 1hundred quid, peugeot 205 gti, still looking mint.

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