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souldriver | 11:59 Tue 14th Nov 2006 | Motoring
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I have just received a letter from the dvla telling me that i am no longer the owners of a car. my ex has the car and she took the log book, which where both in my name. What she has done is fill in the log book an send it off to change her as the owner of the vehicle, is she allowed to do this because i was under the impression that i had to fill something in if we where transfering ownership of the car over.



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Wouldn't think so. The transferring of a vehicle registration must surely need the authorization of the person actually tranferring it.
Contact the DVLA, this link may be useful - cles_enquires.aspx

Explain that you did not give your authority for change of ownership. make sure you get the log book(V5) sent to you for safe keeping.
she would have had to forge your signature, that's fraud. DVLA can provide the evidence and the Police may well be interested. Remember though the keeper is not necessarily the owner it is in most cases though and what your ex did is still fraud.
The owner of the car is the person who bought it, do you have the invoice or receipt, the registration form/log book is irrelevant.

All she is now is the registered keeper, not the owner.
Toureman is correct BUT she should have had your signature authorising a change of keeper. If your signature has been forged then I'm sure that DVLA would want to know about it as an offence has probably been committed. She would have no problems selling a car registered in her name.
If there is a dispute about ownership and a possibility of you becoming a victim of a fraud you should seek proper legal advice.
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Thanks to everybody who replied, the car was purchased on finance in my name, and the log book was in my name too. Hopefully everything is now resolved.
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