abs light Audi 100

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homer75 | 23:22 Sun 05th Nov 2006 | Motoring
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All dash warning lights come on with ignition - self test runs and all lights go out. After about 10 mins driving the abs light comes on and stays on. Switching off and restarting puts light out but it comes on again after 10 mins or so. I am thinking wheel sensor problem as if there was a fault in the abs module the light would stay on permanently. The car is an old Audi 100E ( 1994 2 litre petrol ) and the brakes are wrking perfectly. Any ideas ? Don't say take it to Audi garage for diagnostic plug in as the car is too old to spend a lot of money on.


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It's a long shot but I had the same problem with a Scorpio,

To stop the light coming on i just fiddled with the sensor wire where it went through the wing into the Engine compartment, just moved it in and out a bit, had to do this about every 4 months.

ABS worked perfectly.
When I've had a similar problem on an (old) Saab, its caused by dirt around the wheel sensor for the ABS. Most systems have an arrangement with a toothed wheel that provides an optical pattern of light/shade that the sensors pick up to provide the feedback that each wheel isn't locked. On the Saab, 95% of the time, the sensor that flags the ABS warning light is the front nearside, because it most readily gets covered in crud from the roadside. Try power-washing around thew area where the sensor is. The electrical system itself rarely goes wrong (on the Saab, anyway).
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Thanks guys - I was thinking that it might be a sensor problem - here's hoping !

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abs light Audi 100

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