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abcde | 02:55 Thu 14th Sep 2006 | Motoring
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I stopped at a red light at a box junction, and was second in the queue. The driver in front was not indicating.

When the light went to green, I saw my exit was clear, all but for the car in front, so I followed the car out in to the junction while the light was still green. However the other car stopped in the middle of the junction and put his indicator on only after stopping, to turn right.

He did not go until the light had gone amber, and the light was well in the red by the time I got to the other side of the junction.

First question is, if I entered the junction whilst the light was still green, but only got to the other side when it was red, could I get a ticket?

Second is, would, if I made the circumstances clear to the police, the ticket be cancelled?

Third is, if I did not manage to cancel the ticket, what sort of penalty, in terms of points and fine, would I recieve?



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An offence of failing to conform to a red trafic light is committed when the vehicle crosses the stop line. If there is no line, then it is when the vehicle crosses the sign itself. In these circumstances, you have not committed an offence.
as grunty says the solid white line is the stop line if you crossed that when the lights are green then you are fine to wait in the middle until you can turn right, this is even true for yellow boxes.
Surely, the most significant part of your question is the fact that you were at a BOX JUNCTION. You chose to enter the box before your way was clear to exit. YOU are completely in the wrong for that reason. Whether or not the question of the red light comes into in, you have committed an offence and hopefully will be punished severely, because there is just no excuse for your action, the very fact that you were stuck in the `box` demonstrates the point.

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Spot on Cliff !
People should engage brain before operating hand or mouth.
Question Author
Actually, Cliff you clearly are the one who didnt read the question, my exit should have been clear because for all i knew the driver in front was SUPPOSED to be going streight on because he had not indicated.
Assumption is the mother of all F***- ups ! Always always treat the other road user like they are idiots ! Never rely on them to do something for you i.e get out of your way/indicate !!
Pansy cliff and woodchopper - you are allowed to enter a box junction if you are turning right even if your exit is not clear. Get your facts right and if you wish to be so obnoxious then please pi$$ off somewhere else.
you did not say wether there was a camera in situ. If there was no camera then there will be no record of you passing through the next lights on red !
You can stop in a box junction when turning right only if you are being held up by oncoming traffic. If your exit is not clear you should not enter it.
Even though the highway code may allow it - circumstances must dictate wether you enter a box junction at all if you are turning right - best practice is not to enter until it is clear - imagine 8 cars entering a box junction - 4 from either direction all wanting to turn riight - result = gridlock - just because some wally knew he was entitled to.
If people had taken time to read the question properly you wil read that abcde entered a box junction not wanting to turn right but to drive straight on but was blocked by a car wanting to turn right.
Even though he signalled late you should still not enter a box junctiion if the car in front has not cleared it - SIMPLE.
As for Gef - mind your language - if you have to resort to bad grammer you've already lost the argument
You talking b0ll0cks woodchopper now go and play sand castles with the other retard.
Wow the testosterone in here is rife - it's a questions and answers bank not ask a question and your life depends on the answer !! How can such a question turn into a foul mouth tirade of abuse - Please everyone calm down, calm down !!!
almcd - if you saw the bit that has now been cut out above you'd understand.
woodchopper - please point out what is wrong with my grammar (correct spelling by the way).

Thanks for your support loosehead.
i think we should see some star rating points issued here :)
Question Author
So Gef, in your case the traffic is backed up to the motorway , 6 miles away, because only one car can proceed at a time.

Lets use a bit of sense here!
abcde, where did you get that idea from? None of my answers suggest that could happen. My answers were actually meant to support your case. You are allowed to follow another car into a box junction but you can only stop in it if you are turning right. You did nothing wrong at all.
Actually abcde, I've just realised that you might have been intending to go straight on and not turn right. If that is the case you should not have entered the box junction unless you were in the inside lane and the exit was clear.
Question Author
Ooops, sorry Gef, I wasn't meaning to refer to you, it was another answer further up that I meant and I must have read your name by mistake.

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