steering wheel - full lock not enough...?

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joko | 05:29 Wed 06th Sep 2006 | Motoring
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i have learnt to do manouvres for a driving test in a manual car the size of a micra.
now i am trying in an auto estate peugeot 405.

i could not do the reverse round the corner without ending up about 2 yards away from the kerb - parallel to it but too far away.
and then i hit the corner and was still about 3 ft away!
i figured i just needed to get used to a much bigger car but my dad eventually tried it - and he couldn't do it either!!
and his own car is pretty much the same length!

he has decided that its because the full steering wheel lock isn't far enough.

is this possible?
can it just not be allowing the car to turn properly?
is there anything we can do about it?

or will i just have to learn a new reverse round a corner technique?
if so, any tips? - start further out? do more of an arc outwards...?



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i drive a chrysler voyager and can do it in that ,it justs takes a bit of practise thats all,just as mdoo98 says
The turning circle of the peugeot is quite a bit more than the tint micra, plus the car is considerably longer. You simply need practice at judging exactly when the rear wheel is at the correct point to start your turn. It may appear totally wrong from your position in the drivers seat, as the back wheels are further from you, but also the back of the car is well past the wheels.
If you are ending up too far from the kerb, you are either starting your turn too late (ie when the rear wheels are beyond the apex of the corner) or you are moving too quickly while not applying lock quickly enough.

Hope this helps.
If you think thats a problem, now you understand why us truck drivers need lots of room to do manouvres!

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steering wheel - full lock not enough...?

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