car crash confusion

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Ashlz | 22:26 Tue 06th Jun 2006 | Motoring
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I was recently involved in a car crash where my car was hit from behind by a speeding driver as I slowed to turn into a junction... The driver of the other car is saying I pulled out infront of her and wont accept liabilty, she has three witnesses and I have none as I was in the car myself. Wot are the chances of it turning out she was liable?


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If you were both on the same road, travelling in the same direction, and the other car rear-ended you as you slowed down, then the other drive is liable.

If the other driver's witnesses are passengers in her car, they are not independent, so their acount doesn't affect the situation.

Pass the information on yo your insurance company, and let them sort it out.

If it was a direct rear hit i.e straight into the back rather than the wing, then the driver of the other car is responsible as she should have been paying attention to the road.

even if you did pull out in front of her she is still in the wrong for not paying attention to other road users

but as you say you were turning into a junction by doing all the correct signals then it is obvious she is in the wrong and was deffinately in the wrong

all the best ashlz

agree other driver is liable

There seems to be a contradiction in the account.

You say you were hit from behind as you slowed to pull out but the other driver says you pulled out on her.

Do you mean you pulled out onto a road and a driver who was on that road went into the back of you because they couldn't stop in time?

That's a little different from if you stopped for a junction and sombody hit you from behind.

Agree with most of the other comments already sent. The other driver has no other witness if they were all in her car.

Contact your insurers and let them sort it out as that is what you are paying them for. I would say that you have the stronger case for claim.

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car crash confusion

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