what does a full car service involve?

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london hippo | 15:55 Mon 15th May 2006 | Motoring
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I need to get my Fiat punto serviced and MOTed but not sure what a full service involves. The cars just over 3 years old!

in adddition im not sure whether to take it to kwik fit or a local garage who are about the same price.

whats your opinion? whos more trustworthy???


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Personally I would take it to a local independent garage for the service and MOT.

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But theres no difference in price.

Do you think a local garage will do a better job that kwik fit?

From what I have heard and from what I have seen, don't take your car to Kwik fit, ones I have known you really dont want touching your car. Knuckles dragging on the floor, if you get my drift!!

Its best to find a good local garage, who should treat you better as your more important to them as a repeat customer, I've used the same one for years, and they always look after me when I have have work done.

i would never deal with kwik fit!!! they have targets they have to achive every month ie xx amount of exhausts and shockers etc. a full service would include air filter, oil, oil filter, plugs all changed all round brake check rear brakes cleaned and adjusted etc should get all this done for around �175-�225
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the cost for the mot and full service combined is 150 - same price what the lcoal garage is charging.

I cannot say too much about it, but some years ago I went to Kwik Fit and was told I needed new Shock Absorbers. I aske why and I was told they were leaking. I looked and found fresh engine oil had been squirted on them. Enough said.

I go to small local garage and they are brilliant. They've never let me down and everyone I have sent there has been delighted with the service.

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well i think i'll go to the local garage - he's also my client but the only thing is when it goes thru his book :'( and gotta add vat on top!

yea they spray wd40 at the shockers and tell u they are worn

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bloody hell - think i'll stick to local garage....

One more true tale regarding Kwik Fit: My son had bought 4 brand new tryes from a supplier half a mile away from the local Kwik Fit. On his way home he stopped at Kwik Fit to see if it was true that they did custom exhaust systems (his car is modified and a mate had told him that Kwik Fit did do custom made exhausts to fit such a vehicle). The Kwik Fit fitter (you can't get better !!!) on looking at his car told him that although he could not help with an exhaust he would do him a deal on a set of tyres as the car was in dire need of a complete new set.

For a set of tyres to wear out in half a mile must be a record, we are thinking of contacting a certain record book to see if they can beat that!

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what does a full car service involve?

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