law or not

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dazf | 00:34 Mon 03rd Apr 2006 | Motoring
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is the highway code law or not??

if not y not?


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This is the second question where you have asked about the highway code, have you read it yet?

The Highway code is not in itself law, parts of it are legal requirements. It is generally a guide to road use and often the courts will use contravention of it as an indicator to things like dangerous driving etc.
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thanks for ur reply,,

yes i have read the highway code, i have been driving now for 17yrs. the onloy reason i ask this is because of my other question i posted on here.. that the police and govenment do not give to hoots about the highway code, this was not the case when i first started driving their were a lot more police on the roads and now were r they???

The Highway Code introduces itself to its readers by saying �The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone�. As far as its legal status is concerned, there are a number of rules in the Code which are preceded by �Must/Must Not�. These refer to legal requirements for which, if you do not obey, you can be prosecuted. Others are �Should/Should not� rules. The Code says that although failure to comply with these rules will not, in itself, cause a person to be prosecuted The HC may be used in evidence in any Court proceedings�to establish liability.

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law or not

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